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Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Attack

Nationwide, dog bite accidents occur every day, injuring nearly a million people annually. When a dog bite occurs, there are certain steps that the injured person must take in order to get the right medical attention and pursue any necessary legal action. The first step you should take if you are seriously injured is to go to the hospital and have your injuries treated. After the dog bite injury has been treated by a medical professional, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Philadelphia dog bite accident lawyer. At the Barrist Firm, we understand how to deal with dog bite accidents properly to ensure that victims receive the highest possible compensation.

After a dog bite attack, it is wise to collect as much proof and evidence as possible, including but not limited to:

  • Take photographs of the place where the injury occurred.
  • Procure photographs of your dog bite-related injury as soon after the attack as possible.
  • Timestamp all photographs if possible.
  • Make and keep several copies of all of your medical bills.
  • Keep the clothing and accessories, such as shoes or jacket, that you were wearing in the condition that they were in after the attack.
  • Document and log all missed time from work due to the dog bite accident.
  • Keep track of your payroll records and any lost wages as a result of your dog bite injuries.

At some point, a dog bite lawyer may also take a sworn statement from you and any witnesses to the attack, under oath so that you have the opportunity and ability to explain exactly what happened and how you felt at the moments before, during and after the attack. Moreover, our experienced Philadelphia dog bite accident lawyers will help collect all additional evidence necessary to file a dog bite claim and help identify the owner of the dog, if you do not already know. It is important to have skilled legal representation by your side who has experience with knowing when to file a lawsuit, what is needed in order to file, how to identify liability and determine the appropriate court in which to file the lawsuit.

Individuals who are bitten by dogs and file claims with the assistance of a lawyer collect a much larger settlement and compensation amount compared to persons who attempt to pursue dog bite claims without the help of a lawyer. Our Philadelphia dog bite lawyers at the Barrist Firm know how to properly assess the amount that a person should pursue in a lawsuit. We will calculate all medical costs, lost wages, negative emotional and psychological effects that have resulted from the trauma of the dog bite accident.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, tend to agree to much smaller settlements to dog bite victims who have not obtained a lawyer. In fact, an experienced personal injury lawyer can often negotiate settlements three to four times higher than those individuals who attempt to file a dog bite claim by themselves typically receive.

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