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Dog Bite Laws in NJ

New Jersey is one of the states which allows the victim of a dog bite to be compensated for their injury simply because they were bitten. While other states require a victim to prove that the dog has had a vicious past, New Jersey only requires the victim to prove that they were bitten and that the bite was from the accused dog. This is known in law as strict liability, which New Jersey dog bite laws all adhere to. Despite having an easier task when pursuing a claim, it can still be confusing when first figuring out your case. Before getting too far in and missing key components, make sure to seek the advice of an experienced New Jersey dog bite lawyer.

When approaching a dog in New Jersey, keep the following in mind to prevent a a dog bite attack and protect yourself from culpability:

  • Do not trespass onto property with the intent to perform a criminal act.
  • If someone other than the owner is walking or taking care of the dog, practice common sense and dog safety when approaching. If a dog seems unsafe, do not approach. If the person is saying it is okay to come toward the dog, make sure to assess if they are the owner and other key factors in the situation. Do not walk up blind.

These two tips are especially important in New Jersey. While you may only need to prove that you were bitten for your case, the owner must prove that you were partially or fully at fault for the dog bite. While generally this is a difficult task, it is made much easier if the bite victim had malicious intentions, went up to the dog without consent of the owner or had criminal intent while going near the dog. While it may be illegal for a dog to attack, it is brought into consideration if the pet was trying to guard its home from an intruder. It is also important to note if there are any signs posted around a property. If there are “do not enter” or “beware of dog” signs posted, your claim may also face obstacles in court.

Especially in these types of situations, it becomes critical to find a New Jersey dog bite lawyer you can trust. When being questioned, the arbitrator will try anything to make you slip up on your own story. There may be photographic evidence showing there was proper signage or the defense may call a witness that will testify that you approached the dog without permission. A good lawyer will help you and go over the important facts of the case. This includes why you were near the dog, how the attack started and what happened after the dog bite attack happened. Make sure not to incriminate yourself in what could be an easy case to prove, given you properly documented your injuries.


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